Melcome Ltd was established in 2012, our goal is to build a business reputation based on our outstanding customer service, quality materials and products and fast turnaround times.We have the latest technology and are also skilled in traditional signwriting methods.We are professional in the fields of:

  • *Outdoor Advertising of banner or pull-up banner, shop sign, window sign, vehicle sign, footpath, light box, signboard, 3D letter.
  • *Indoor Advertising of pull-up banner, menus, light box, graphics and brochure holders.
  • *LED Advertising of 3D Letter and Light Box.

  • We have an in-house graphic designer and a great team of talented and experienced staff to assist our customers to excel their businesses. Our service staff are very effective and profession to have the fast turnaround time to satisfy your needs. We use high quality materials and products to complete our work and we keep our promise to think your way to help you shine your business.

Outdoor Shop and Window Signs

Make your business standout

We offer a variety range of different types of outdoor signs which include:

* Shop signs

* Window signs

* Footpath

* Banners

* Light box

* 3D letters

* Vehicle signs

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3D Letters & Light Boxes

To express your image 

3D letters and light box are very effective way to express enterprise images with high visual impact.

The materials we use include Acrylic/Opal and water-proof plywood. Customers can choose from variety color and finishing options for the surface, such as fine digital printing vinyls or high performance vinyls with different effect of textures.

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Indoor Signs & Menus

Introduce the business your way

Indoor signs and graphics include:

* Pull-up banners

* Menus

* Light box

* Graphics

* Brochure holders

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Vehicle Signs and Graphics

Your moving advertising

Let more people to know your business, give your vehicle a new look to maximum its use to advertise your business. We can do lettering and graphics on your vehicle, our professional graphic designer will excel your business.

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Footpath Roll up Banner

Let people see your business

Customers can choose from variety of different type of Footpath include:

* Footpath (ACM panel with water base)

* A frame (Iron frame, black color)

* A frame (Iron frame, black color)

* A frame (Wood frame with ACM panel)

Please contact us for the actual available sizes. 

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Move anywhere to ad your business

Tear drop or feather with pole and either water-base or spike base.

Please contact us for availability of sizes. Please order flags in advance of up to 10 working days.