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Use the technology and skills to fix your web requirements

Melcome Ltd would use the most up-to-date technology and experienced skills to effectively solve any of your web requirements at the affordable price. With our highly flexible and efficient team, we can fix the problems from single websites to complex database and systems. We are professional in build-up ERP system to help you easily manage your business.

For any further inquiry, please contact our experienced technology team to help your out.




Easy to build

The building blocks allow you to design modern websites from scratch. Just drag, drop and customize what you want. All controlled.


The responsive design adapt automatically to the screen size on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. 

Easy to manage

What you see is what you get. NO more complex backend, no need for technical knowledge. It's that simple.

Built-in E-commerce

Activate ready-to-use enterprise features in just a click; e-commerce, call-to-actions, job announcements, events, customer references, blogs, newsletter registration, etc.

Easy promotion and track

Odoo's "Promote" tool suggests keywords according to the most searched terms on Google. Search Engine Optimization tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required. Google Analytics tracks your shopping carts by default. Sitemap and structured content are created automatically for Google indexing.


Get your website translated to a professional standard in multiple languages with no effort. Benefit from professional translators to translate all your content automatically with the Gengo integration.

Blog and Events

Write your own stories and news, spread to the world easily.

Beautiful themes

Design a customized theme or go for one of the ready-to-use themes to achieve the look and feel you want for your website.

Live chat & VOIP

Interact with your visitors from your webpage, schedule and make a phone call via the integrated VOIP which is coming in the new version.

Most important of all

There is NO subscription fee, either monthly or yearly

How we can help


The website builder keeps the industry best and we offer deep customization to let organizations incorporate their own business rules, improve user acceptance or obtain competitive advantages.


A well designed Implementation plan is the success key for smooth implementation. Data acquisition, strategic planning, procedure review, testing and evaluation are the main pillars for successful  implementation.


Website user usage varies due to assigned tasks, granted permissions and general computing knowledge background. Multilevel Training ensures the agility and ease of use to every user of the system by focusing the training sessions on the user’s specific roles within the system.


Our support covers every aspect of the system. It involves the application side as well as the Server administration, monitoring, optimization and security hardening. Adapted support plans are also available to meet the customer’s specific support requirements.

Our Rates

NO subscription fee, Pay once, Use it for life

Customization & Develpment

Starter package

$ 80 .00 + GST

per hour
  • Tailored to your business process
  • Meet your growing demands
  • Quality service
  • Working time support



Advanced package

$ 1999 .00 + GST

per case
  • Website Installation to your local or private host
  • Database Configuration
  • 3 hours' private training & support 
  • Source codes & manuals transfer


The top of the top

$ 120 .00 + GST

per hour
  • On/off site
  • Provided by rich-experienced experts
  • Hand on experience
  • Quality training design